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Minnesota Hockey Pass the Puck Grant


Pass the Puck Grant Program Application

For over 65 years, Minnesota Hockey has been working with our community-based associations on the growth and development of youth hockey players. The key to the continued success of our hockey model is the selfless dedication and ingenuity of our volunteer base at the local level which puts forth yearly efforts to get more kids playing hockey.

To help fuel our local leaders’ commitment to growing the game, Minnesota Hockey is excited to offer the Pass the Puck Grant Program. This program will provide grants of up to $2,500 to associations that are implementing new or successful recurring recruitment programs and events. 

Even though Minnesota is considered the State of Hockey, inviting new players and families to try the game must continue to be a priority. This grant program will play a key role in encouraging associations to develop new ways to recruit and retain players in Minnesota.  In addition, the program will provide Minnesota Hockey the opportunity to collect associations’ “best practices” so their ideas can be shared with other associations across the state.

Who is eligible to apply for the award? 

  • Must have a current Minnesota Hockey Affiliate Agreement and be in good standing
  • Have an “active” 501(c)(3) status with the Minnesota Attorney General’s office
  • Each association may receive only one grant per fiscal year
  • Preference shall be given to associations hosting programs or events with a focus on recruiting or retaining Mite/8U players


Please direct questions to:

Derek Ricke

Marketing & Communications Asst.